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Winter 22/23

Winter Prune and Groom!


Fall 2022

Falling For Cool Weather Colors


April 2021

Grass just loves April, producing lots of lush green, healthy growth. Our mowing team and equipment


March 2021

Turf is greening up and growing again, herald of spring. Buds are swelling and breaking on shrubs, and plums, cherries and ornamental pears are beginning their bloom period. What does it mean?


February 2021

Those who have been in the Pacific Northwest for any length of time know that nearly all of our rain falls from mid-October to mid-June. The summer months


January 2021

It may be raining and cold, but our crews are busy. This is the time


December 2020

Leaf cleanup is nearing an end, but we will continue with this task until all the leaves are down and removed. If you have any leaf questions, contact


Fall 2020

Fall is here and that means leaves. Our leaf truck is up and ready. Our crews are on-site with rakes, buckets and blowers. Leaves are messy and, when wet, can be dangerous, hiding hazards and making walkways slippery.


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